fee- fi-fo-fum

the famous words of the giant that temporarily distressed jack in his effort to retrieve the golden egg, or at least that’s how i remember it. the srtories from our childhood helps o shape us. it creates a reality of what may or may not be however, enhances one’s imaginative capacity and ability to act in similar life situations. We are faced with several issues or problems on a daily basis and psychology quantifies Man’s reaction to fear in two (2) categories; Fight or Flight.
Jack chose to run from the Giant but not without retrieving his prized loot, The Golden EGG, i can almost see it shimmer as i write this, He fought and then Fled. the battle is the Lord’s (quote the scripture), this is ery true but as christians we have our part to play in conquest of the Evil one. “We must work out our salvation with fear and trembling” . To me, this means we need to understand that being self consious of the sin is not good enough but we must replace that fear with an even greater fear, The Fear of God! This isn’t your average reverence towards God but an understanding of the Supremacy and Purpose of The Holy One in one’s life.

Knowing that Loving one’s neighbour(the next man) is as important as the Love you’d give yourself and equally proportionate to the love you have for God.

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